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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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coat with onion crumbs and bake. when dinner's made with french's french fried onions, everyone's happy. french's. happy starts here. look for it in the canned vegetable aisle. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport. that blizzard back east is impacting travelers out west and right here in the bay area. big problems! san francisco, san jose and oakland airports. we'll have it coming up in a live report. >> i'm amy holyfield live in south san francisco. some of the residents here are feeling a bit uneasy here about the pipeline. >> reaping the benefits of our breezy winds yesterday keeping our skies clear and our
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temperatures warmer this morning. >> heads up in san francisco. there's a multiple vehicle accident right on oak and octavia. a bad spot. bay bridge toll plaza just a minor backup. i'll have an update on that san francisco crash. >> good wednesday morning, everyone. 6:01. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, this morning a much clearer view what pg&e has discovered about other bay area pipelines in the wake of san bruno explosion. also how far the company is going to find thousands of missing documents on finding those pipelines. >> kristen, pg&e found gas leaks right here in south san francisco. pg&e once ordered to go back and look at all of its pipelines after the san bruno explosion in september. while the utility has now announced it found 21 gas leaks, three of those right here in
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south san francisco. pg&e says it has repaired the leaks. >> i have really mixed emotion, especially when it happened. that's really scary. i'm glad they found it. so that's good. at least we know that pg&e is working on improving. that's good. >> and there's another development on this story. pg&e wants you to know it's looking for documents for all of its pipelines. it's looking very hard. investigators asked to see the documents after the blast but the utility couldn't find them. the documents presumably would have details about the pipes that would help officials determine how much pressure to run through the lines. well, pg&e wants you to know it has dedicated 300 people to this problem. they're spending 24 hours day, 7 days a week scanning all their documents, indexing them. regulators have given them a deadline of march 15th to produce all the documents.
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live in south san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. almost 6:03 now. a colossal blizzard roaring across a third of the country has paralyzed the heartland with ice and snow. more than 100 million americans are in the path. national guard mobilized in a dozen states. arctic temperatures with heavy snow, up to 2 feet. more proof? chicago cancelled school because of it. the last time that happened was 12 years ago. >> out here in the bay area, no snow, no ice. but that storm will have an impact. air travelers are being warned they could face delays no matter where they're going. terry mcsweeney joins us live from san francisco international airport with more on that part of the story. terry? >> yeah. inside this airport a short time ago watching all the different flights being cancelled back to chicago and new york. the connecting flight,
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apparently a flight to madrid impacted by all this. joining me now is san francisco international airport spokesman mike mckaren. and, mike, what is the number one thing for trafficers to know today and going forward maybe tomorrow, too? >> if anything, flying to the midwest or the east coast the next 24 to 48 hours it's going to be very challenging and may be delayed or probably will be delayed. they need to stay in touch with their carrier and just be very flexible because the weather is very powerful through that region and it's going to wreak havoc on all flights the next couple days. >> this video back at the station, you're going to see a red alert -- i think what you got back there is a red alert of the faa website telling employees, you know, you can't make it to work today but then again there aren't that much flights anyway. wasn't a situation you're hearing back in chicago. where's the worst spot, o'hare?
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>> o'hare and midway, the worst areas right now. united, american, southwest have all cancelled if not all, the majority of their flights today. southwest hopes to resume operations later this afternoon. that remains to be seen. it's just going to be a very difficult day. the storm moving to the northeast later tonight. start seeing cancellations to new york, philadelphia, boston, maybe d.c. bad winter storm going through the region. >> travelers talking to folks, i didn't find anybody even thinking about going to chicago. people sneaking into philadelphia. >> already tracking the weather, aware of it. hadn't seen many spend the night last night. they got the word so didn't come to the airport. get caught up here, all these people stuck or try to rebook their flights. for the next 24 to 36 hours it's going to be very challenging travel through that part of the region. >> mike mccaron, a similar
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situation, oakland and san jose airports as well. the word is call ahead no matter where you're flying. crews are out of position, the planes aren't where they're supposed to be. a while to get this unravelled. >> days to get it unravelled. thank you very much. 6:06 now. the search for a kidnapped little boy has ended with the discovery of his body. residents in the county town of patterson are in mourning right now. they held a candle light vigil last night. those praying for his safe return are remembering the four-year-old boy now. his body was found in the canal 30 miles south of patterson yesterday. juliani's grandmother says rodriguez snatched the boy out of her arms on january 18th. investigators believe rodriguez's body will also be found in the canal eventually. >> could have a new policy in place for licensing marijuana farms in the city. a revised ordinance written by brooks restarted this discussion
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put on hold in december over legal concerns that the city attorney said could land council members jail. it will close loopholes for people other than medical marijuana patients. a final vote on february 15th. >> i was just thinking we know how danger rules that is. wouldn't it be nice to drag snow from the midwest, deposit it right at lake tahoe. wouldn't that be great? >> yeah. after a very dry january for us, lisa. anything on the horizon for us? is that possible? >> you know, i tell ya, you see the 7-day forecast, a dry pattern. looks like beyond that, at least the next ten days, still gonna be dry. so not good definitely but we have to enjoy it because this is what we have. 40s and 50s this morning. the 52 in san francisco. we're reaping the benefits of
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very gusty winds in the east bay hills and north bay valleys. that's why we don't have any fog. the numbers are up and the afternoon is going to be warmer. we're talking about 4 degrees warmer along the coast. but notice near east bay and south bay you're cooler. the clear skies, breezy over the hills, warmer today, colder tonight. a little dip in our temperatures tomorrow, back to warmer over the weekend. so clear and breezy, sunshine and mid to upper 50s by noontime. then we see temperatures climb from the mid to upper 60s in the north bay valley. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow. we're talking 70s over the weekend. good morning, frances. >> good morning, lisa. anyone leaving san francisco may run into this crash. a lot of folks head to octavia and oak to get on the central freeway and we're hearing multiple vehicles involved. probably slow heading towards the central freeway. you may want to take franklin or van ness to avoid that accident. also a wind advisory for the
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venetian bridge so both hands on the wheel. elsewhere showing you a live camera shot, flowing pretty well on the freeway this morning. the usual delays out of antioch but that's southbound traffic there on 680 through walnut creek. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's now 6:09. >> just ahead, the mailbox as a ballot box. why california's next election could be by mail only. that could be an advantage those who want to extend several state taxes. >> muni bus on the move but nobody behind the wheel? the accident has tied up traffic in san francisco. >> a violent turn of events in egypt as pro-egyptian president hosni mubarak are now clashing
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welcome back.
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it's jenelle wang live in the news room. you are looking at live pictures from downtown cairo. things have turned violent and bloody in egypt, even after egyptian president hosni mubarak said he would step down after 30 years in power. for the first time pro-mubarak supporters have showed up in the square. you can see people pulling away injured people in the hearts of yesterday's largest protests. cnn is now reporting that news anchor anderson cooper has been injured. on twitter it was reported he was punched ten times by pro-mubark supporters. no word on his condition but 100 people are injured and badly beaten. the supporters have stormed in and are now clashing with these thousands of demonstrators who have been camping out there and refusing to leave the square unless egyptian president hosni mubarak moves down completely. the military is there but can do
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little to keep both sides from fighting. we are receiving reports that the pro-mubarak are in disguise, riding through on camels. the demonstrators are trying to pull them off their camels and horses. we see whips. we don't know if there's tear gas or a fire that was started. the egyptian government has called for the people to leave the square and stand down. the military will move in if the situation doesn't calm down soon. egyptian president hosni mubarak says he will not step down. >> he recognizes that the status quo is not sustainable and that a change must take place. >> secretary of state hillary clinton just spoke in the past 30 minutes. she did not directly address all the uprising and violence in egypt but said the sweeping
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changes in egypt and other parts of the middle east now has american policymakers in unchartered territory. we are following the developments all morning coming from cairo. we'll bring you another update in about 20 minutes. live in the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you very much. we've heard reports that the military might move in if it gets too violent down there. 6:15 now. jerry brown is now considering a plan here in california that would mean june's special election on extending taxes would be a mail-in-only ballot. considering the idea because many believe it would be the most likely way to get the tax extensions approved. a poll shows a strong majority of voters over the age of 65 which support brown's proposal to extend taxes on sales, personal income and license fees while younger voters are more split on the issue. older voters are most likely to vote by mail and would save counties millions of dollars in
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election costs. >> a muni driver and mechanic are on administrative leave after an accident involving an empty bus. this crashed into a light pole around 8:30 yesterday morning. muni says the driver and mechanic were working on the bus which had broken down when it suddenly began rolling away. reports show the parking brake had not been set. >> we have strict policies in place to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen. it appears in the investigation that some of those policies were not followed and we're going to follow up on that to determine the best way to move forward. >> nobody was hurt in the crash but it did back up traffic for miles along van ness for a while. >> 6:16 now. you saw in that picture what our weather's going to be like today. plenty of sun there. >> beautiful outside. sunshine and mild. more of that to come today. subtle changes this wednesday. a live look outside our roof camera. you can see the beginning of
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daylight there. another hour away from sunrise. and temperatures, boy, they are much warmer today. we're looking at numbers in the 40s and 50s out there. that's because of the north and easterly wind. so we're benefiting from the gusty winds yesterday and as a result we'll have warmer afternoon highs today. 50 oakland. good morning, fremont. 40 for you. 45 napa. the winds are calm down in mountain view. out of the northwest and san jose. but look at the gusts by fairfield, santa rosa, even a little breezy in oakland. that does translate into warmer temperatures northeast bay valley. 13 degrees warmer in santa rosa. those downsloping winds will bring you near 70 today but elsewhere peninsula south bay, east bay much of the same. not too much to complain about. so clear skies this morning. breezy over the hills. warmer today, less wind tonight. we'll bring you a cold, cold night tonight so slightly cooler tomorrow but then a ridge of high pressure rebounds for warmer weather this weekend.
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here's the setup. one to the east of us that strengthened and brought the offshore winds. this one here and the one off the coast will bring us those 70s really bay area wide. the ridge of high pressure deflecting the storm track well to the north. these winds will continue to subside throughout the day today but right now gusting to some 50 mph on top of mount diablo. 39 in the northern sierra. that cold, cold air feeding down from the south in much of the mountainous region. that's why they're so cool. a few patches of fog, sacramento and fresno. winds blowing in southern california. windy conditions here through the desert. only 65 palm springs. back home 64, cupertino and campbell today. lots of sunshine with numbers in the low 60s, redwood city. san francisco about the same at 60 today. so numbers continue to be above average. in fact, well above average here with 67, napa, santa rosa.
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64 in oakland and out over the hills you're out of the 50s by the delta with 61 pittsburgh. monterey sunny this afternoon. 64 salinas and your look ahead, upper 60s today. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow, warmer over the weekend. good morning, frances. >> back to san francisco where this accident on octavia right at oak is hopefully in the clearing stages. it happened over 20 minutes ago and is blocking or was blocking lanes heading towards the central freeway. i'll try to get another update on this. but i would still try to avoid the area and maybe consider franklin or southbound van ness to head over to 101. look out for windy conditions across the venetian bridge. the chp wind advisory still in effect. also a very serious accident in brentwood. northbound lanes of walnut boulevard are blocked at concord avenue and apparently at least someone or one person is trapped in their vehicle. also you notice blowing
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westbound 4 out of antioch. typical delays there. if you want to avoid some of that, mass transit reporting no delays. at the toll plaza, starting to receive this backup for the cash-paying lanes there in the left at the end of the parking lot. still looking good for everyone else. get traffic when you want it by going to our website click on the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you. it's now 6:20. several fireplaces that are advertised and sold as made by the amish are the subject of a new lawsuit. you may have seen them being sold on tv. this is video from hsn. now five people are suing because they claim the fireplaces are not actually made by amish workers. in fact, the suit says parts are made in china. there are also questions about whether the fireplaces can lower your heating bills as the advertising claims. the suit seeks class action status. no comment from the makers of
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the fireplaces. >> something you can get for free. >> i think not. >> that's the question really important to this new venture. the i-pad gets its very own newpo newspaper today. we'll talk more about it. >> blasting bing.
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6:24 this wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. google is firing serious accusations at search engine bing today. google claims bing is copying its search results. it says it even did tests to prove it. microsoft owns bing and denying copying anything from google. google has previously been accused of copying bing's user interface. well, it appears that online retail giant is getting ready to face off with bay area based netflix. the retailer is talking with several movie studios to gets
6:25 am
rights to libraries and movies in hopes of starting a subscription service. reports that amazon has told several studios it wanted to launch it this month. >> a newspaper is making its debut but you can't buy a copy to collect and keep. just for the apple i-pad. rupert murdock's app will provide news, sports, entertainment and gossip. it looks flashy, snappy. many in the industry are certainly hoping his model succeeds. >> 6:25 now. have you heard this one? a dog, a man, a goat and a cliff. it's not a joke. it's a very unusual rescue in richmond. >> and they're battling this morning. the competing protests that have
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now turned into fist fights and rock throwing on the streets of cairo this morning. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. whether you're flying out of here at san francisco international airport or oakland or san jose, the advice is the same: buyer beware. we'll get into a live report right after the break. >> still time to recover in the midwest. over 17 inches in chicago. a couple more inches to go. ice is accumulating in the northeast. and we're seeing more sunny and mild conditions. if you want to check the flights across the nation, check out our flight tracker. that's at >> san francisco drivers heading to 101. still worth avoiding octavia at oak where an earlier accident is
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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6:29 and trading is just getting underway on wall street with the opening bell. can we do it again? can the stock market retain its rally after the average closed at its highest level in two and a half years. the dow closed above 12,000 yesterday for the first time since june 2008. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange coming up in about 15 minutes. >> this half hour we begin with the very latest on developing news in egypt where a 9th day of demonstrations have now led to violent street clashes between pro and anti-government protestors. jenelle has been monitoring this all morning long. >> we've heard it's now turned deadly. al-jazeera is reporting fatalities in these clashes between pro and anti-government demonstrators. they have been gathering the
6:31 am
past couple days. it is also the scene of one of the largest demonstrations yesterday but we hear now just a couple hours ago pro-government, pro-supporters moved in riding on horseback, camels and clashing with demonstrators, just pelting rocks back and forth. these trucks were not here. they have moved in to separate both sides. some are using like cardboard boxes just to protect themselves from the pelting rocks. we heard 100 people injured and badly beaten. al-jazeera is reporting some fatalities. we even heard cnn's anderson cooper was badly injured. he and his crew were beaten and punched but we are hearing they are doing okay. the injuries are not serious. this started unfolding a couple hours ago as you can see here when these pro-government supporters started coming into the square clashing with these demonstrators. the military is there. they haven't done much yet but we hear they are now moving in
6:32 am
to stop the violence. we are also receiving reports that the pro-mubark supporters are just police infiltrators in disguise. you can see some riding through on camels and demonstrators trying to pull them off. tear gas, fires. we see smoke in the area. of course, it's just turned very violent here, even after egyptian president hosni mubarak said he would step down after 30 years in power. he said he would do this this fall and not seek re-election. the demonstrators are not happy with this. they want him to step down right away. it's turned bloody, violent and possibly deadly in cairo. if anything new comes about we will bring you the latest from the news room. abc 7 news. back to you. >> jenelle, thank you very much. egypt's interior minister is denying those are infiltrators and people, the anti-government protestors are mistrustful of the police but do trust the
6:33 am
army. more reports from jenelle. a colossal blizzard rolling across a third of the country has paralyzed the nation's heartland with ice and snow. hundreds of americans are in the path of this massive storm. national guard units are mobilized in six states. arctic temperatures created heavy snow, up to 2 feet in some areas. if you need more proof this is a monster storm, chicago has cancelled school because of it. the last time that happened was 12 years ago. >> one look at those pictures and you may not be surprised to hear you can't get there from here. terry mcsweeney joins us live from san francisco international airport with the latest on that part of the story. >> everybody is saying chicago is closed. i was just in terminal one looking up at the board and there is a flight cancelled to chicago but there's a couple that still say they're going to take off on time. goes against what we're hearing from back east. but the board still shows a
6:34 am
whole lot of cancellations. take a look at something else you might not have thought of, a result of this storm. the faa website, a high-flying friend eric thomas said to take a look, employees back east in some offices, the offices closed in washington d.c. they're on a policy of essential employees only reporting to work. they can't get there from where they are. here at sfo, the board shows the cancelled flights and explains why it's a huge blizzard back east as if people didn't know. so the million dollar question is: what should travelers do? >> the number one is even before they come to the airport, check by phone or the internet. you could be going someplace warm and wonderful like hawaii but that plane may start its day in chicago or new york and may not get here on time or at all. >> and all this going on at o'hare and chicago. mike mccaron saying that storms
6:35 am
heading to the northeast so new york city already affected is going to be superimpacted tomorrow and the day after that probably. here at sfo as well as oakland and san jose, the advice as we just heard, call ahead of time. cancellations or delays going on from the northeast all the way down to houston, texas. for the very latest on those flights and any flights go to go all the way down to the bottom of the page, and that is where you'll see flight tracker. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. 6:35 now. authorities say the search for a kidnapped little boy has ended with the discovery of his body. residents in patterson are in mourning. people that prayed for the safe return of giuliani cardenas are remembering the boy. his body was found in the canal 30 miles south of patterson yesterday. juliani's grandmother says josé rodriguez snatched the boy out
6:36 am
of her arms on january 18th. >> have your kid snatched -- in the name of my daughter, i thank all, all of you. and my grandson, he's looking all of you. >> investigators believe rodriguez's body will also be found in the canal eventually. >> this morning a 56-year-old man accused of shooting two rival fisherman wharf store owners is expected to be rained in superior court. he shot a 30-year-old man and 30-year-old woman inside a souvenir and luggage shop sunday night. the suspect works at a similar shop nearby. wo and his victims had argued over the sale of similar merchandise at their shop prior to the shooting. >> san jose's newly appointed police chief is promising improvements in the department and says he will investigate complaints related to biassed-based police policy.
6:37 am
the council gave chris moore their support in promoting him to the chief's job yesterday. he will oversee 100 sworn officers and calls for change. moore immediately reached out to them, those who didn't want him to get the job. >> i ask you view my appointment as a new beginning, as a new start, as an opportunity to build upon the dialogue that we created during this selection process. >> moore says he'll establish a community advisory panel that will include those critical of his department. >> maybe you can get a glimpse of this. this morning an old steam trailer already towed to a ship recycles facility on mayor island for cleaning and dismantling. it will be the first of the moth ball fleet to be taken to the only ship recycling facility on
6:38 am
the west coast. they're getting $1 million to dismantle the ship. it will expand the work force by more than 100 employees when it's fully operational. >> a sheep and a dog are doing just fine this morning. the dog is sparkles, the sheep is peter pan. so sparkles chased peter pan down a steep cliff yesterday and both got stuck. the woman who had been walking sparkles went down after them and she got stuck. she managed to climb to safety but richmond firefighters had to rappel down the cliff to rescue sparkles and peter pan. >> it was a full probably 120 feet to the bottom and it's a cliff that's very unstable. has a lot of loose rock, has a lot of large loose rock. >> i think she's in shock! i think she's pretty scared. i think she'll be all right when she gets back up to others. >> peter pan has cuts on his
6:39 am
face which will be looked at by a veterinarian. apparently the pixie dust shortage got to them, too, which is why they couldn't fly back up. >> the woman that went down there didn't have any on her to try to get them. >> trade battles over pixie dust and not much available right now. >> all right. too bad. it would have been a good day to go flying just like today with all the sunshine, blue skies. lisa? >> wind, the pixie dust would just poof! >> scattered all over. (laughter) >> yeah. >> we have to think good thoughts. >> especially the north and east bay valleys. we have lots of wind here which is really translating into warmer numbers starting at 52 in san francisco, 50 oakland. fog has been scoured off the coast since yesterday and we're looking at the breezy winds to stay with us throughout half of the day. so we'll see temperatures a little warmer this afternoon. north and east bay valleys north bay. wind gusts at 20 mph. breezy winds from the bay bridge
6:40 am
and we are looking at numbers relatively cooler. peninsula and south bay this morning. but that's all going to average out to a very nice afternoon once again with temperatures right around normal, san francisco. santa rosa in the upper 60s today. so los gatos is in the 30s. elsewhere low 50s. we'll see mid to upper 50s throughout the noon hour and then warmer temperatures today. the look ahead a little cooler tomorrow. much warmer. it's going to be summer-like pattern through the weekend with highs in the 70s. good morning, frances. >> good morning, lisa. we've been following this accident in san francisco for almost an hour now. this is octavia boulevard near oak street. it's a really bad location for folks leaving san francisco heading to the central freeway. according to the san francisco police, it's still out there, still possibly blocking lanes and that's going to slow you down. you may want to consider franklin or van ness to get on to 101. bay bridge toll plaza, we told you the metering lights have
6:41 am
been turned on so back to the 880 overcrossing now. about a 15 minute wait. berkeley, although a little crowded towards university, the drive time 20 minutes westbound from the cardenas bridge to the maze. let's head to the north bay. 101 san rafael, looks like traffic still flowing well, southbound no delays out of novato to the golden gate bridge. also we'll head to the peninsula. the drive across to the peninsula is looking good. no problems westbound there on the right-hand side and no accidents at all in the south bay. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you so much. it's 6:41 now. >> trading underway on wall street now. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look at the big board. the dow still above 12,000. going 20 down to 12,000 plus. that was a mouthful. (laughter) >> also the wisdom of the groundhog. the latest prediction on when spring will arrive from the world's most famous four-legged
6:42 am
weatherman. >> some residents in south san francisco are feeling a bit uneasy about the pipeline here. i'm amy
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♪ good morning. locally we're waking up to breezy conditions. that will bring us a slightly warmer day today. sunny from north to south. very windy conditions in southern california. strong santa ana winds. cool numbers in the mountains. no new snow expected there and we're looking at a summer-like pattern across the bay area, not only for the weekend but into next week as well. kristen. >> lisa, thanks a lot. 6:45. a showdown vote may come as early as today to repeal the nation's healthcare reform law. senator republicans will try to
6:46 am
force the vote. last month republicans in the house where they have the majority voted to expand the healthcare coverage. president obama threatened a veto. argued the law will explode healthcare spending and our economic recovery. >> 6:46 now. president obama's state of the union pledge about electric cars is not likely to happen. >> bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live for the morning's "moneyscope" report. good morning, jane. >> good morning. you know president obama's goal on putting a million plug-in electric cars on the road within four years. report out today says probably not gonna happen. a study from indiana university says the number will be closer to 800,000 because interest in plug-in vehicles is pretty much limited to affluent car buyers. ford announcing auto production at some point assembly plant in
6:47 am
march, ohio, chicago coming to a screeching halt because of all the severe weather there and making for a quieter day here at the exchange. a lot of people not being able to ice-skate all the way into work this morning. we have light volume so far but not by much. the dow, s & p and nasdaq trading down about 2 or 3 points or so and the silicon valley index just slightly lower. hewlett-packard delaying product next week. impacting availability of machines. medal of honor helping the video game maker post a better than expected profit. a new business area for apple and its i-phone. becomes more versatile and expenses looked at as an alternative to portable radios. and now the army, thousands to soldiers. exhibits of some of the world
6:48 am
famous museums but you just can't get there. google developed a new website, make it possible to take a tour of new york city's modern art. the website art project shows over a thousand master pieces from museums around the world. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> sounds cool. not the same as looking at it up close. jane, thanks a lot for that. >> have a great day, jane. bye-bye. looks like spring is going to come early this year. that's the prediction coming this morning from punxsutawney phil. i still don't know where his meteorology degree comes from. >> found there was no shadow around. so an early spring it will be! (applause) >> phil emerged at dawn in front of thousands of fans or he was pulled out of his lair there. they got up early in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, to brave the cold temperatures. if phil doesn't see his shadow we'll have an early spring.
6:49 am
the origins traced back to a german supposition. >> i was a little skeptical about this until i heard the staten island chuck rodents concurred. so when you have two of them, a little more weight there, lisa. >> yes. >> and considering the winter they've had, you kind of gotta tell the people what they wanna hear. no more winter, spring's early. still digging out from the ice in the northeast. sunshine, mild weather. what a gorgeous shot. looking at the official sunrise 7:13, setting at 5:34. the wind around our north bay valleys, mount tam a little gusty as well as the east bay, oakland hills, mount diablo. very windy but that's why there's no fog and why we're warmer this morning. so that will translate into warmer afternoon highs. and we will keep this pattern for the short-term and the long-term. 45 livermore, 47 san jose.
6:50 am
good morning, san francisco. 52 for you. 45 napa. the winds have been calm in napa but elsewhere a little mixing out there in oakland. a little breezy on the bay bridge. north winds gusting to 20 in santa rosa and gusting winds around the delta as well. so the peninsula and the near east bay and south bay, you are a little cooler so your afternoon highs will be comfortable, low to mid-60s. but we are looking at a bump-up in the temperatures in the north and east. less winds tonight, a cold night. we'll drop to freezing and then tomorrow we won't recover as much but the warmer weather returns for the weekend. so just subtle changes day-to-day. rainfall today with over 20 inches in santa rosa. normal san francisco over 13 inches. 102% of normal. oakland 11 inches. 104% of normal. we are slipping, san jose with only 6 inches, 75% of normal. no rain in the forecast for the next seven to ten days.
6:51 am
big ridge of high pressure, huge ridge of high pressure. the one strengthening to the east of us bringing the downslope gusty offshore winds and then over the weekend we're gonna see the one offshore bring warmer weather as well. so the storm track well to the north into canada. we're not looking at any sort of presip. the fog will return though in spots overnight tonight. 63 in santa clara. we're looking at peninsula numbers. 60 in millbrae. san francisco, you're coming in around 60 today. that's about average. and in the north bay look for numbers to range from 65 in novato and san rafael to 67 santa rosa. oakland 64 for you in our inland valleys low 60s. a couple degrees warmer for you as well and down by the monterey bay, 64. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, feeling like spring, even warmer over the weekend. good morning, frances. >> good morning, lisa. good morning, san jose. a live shot of 280 at highway 17. northbound traffic still looking good here for these headlights. there's some areas on north 101
6:52 am
where you're slightly under the speed limit. no major problems. even an earlier accident southbound 85 in fremont on the shoulder. not slowing down anyone in either direction. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on, backed up to the 880 overcrossing. better news. in san francisco if you're heading towards the central freeway, the earlier accident at octavia and oak street has finally been cleared. hopefully by the time you get there traffic will be recovered heading to 101. still a wind advisory for the venetian bridge this morning. keep both hands on the wheel. it could be gusty at times in other areas as well. a serious injury accident at brentwood. northwood boulevard completely blocked at concord avenue for a brief time. mass transit systems reporting no delays. get traffic when you want by going to >> frances, thank you very much. listen to this, frances. you out there, too. >> the city by the bay is number
6:53 am
one on a new survey and this is surprising. >> san franciscans spend more money on looking good than people anywhere else in the country. >> the survey by the website the daily beast looked at things like time spent in the spa, hours in the gym, dieting, tanning and grooming. >> san francisco residents spent an average -- get this -- of $111 a month on personal care, 50% are not overweight and 20% belong to a gym. the other cities rounding out the top three, boston. people there spend $106 a month followed by new york city. (laughter) >> wait so they didn't see it. (laughter) >> there's a little vanity going on. (laughter) >> it's 6:53 now. >> just playing. capping our top stories. pg&e repairing dozens of natural gas pipelines since the san bruno explosion. that comes as the utility searches for the safety records of hundreds of other lines.
6:54 am
>> amy live in south san francisco with more. amy? >> a couple big developments this morning, eric. first pg&e has found some gas leaks. some of them right here in south san francisco. the utility was ordered to inspect all of its pipelines after the september explosion in san bruno. they have now announced they found 21 gas leaks and three of those were right here in south san francisco. pg&e says it has repaired the leaks. the other big development. pg&e wants you to know it is looking for documents regarding its pipelines. it's looking hard. investigators have asked to see the documents after the blast. the utility couldn't find some of them. the documents will have details about the pipe that will help officials determine how much pressure to run through the lines. pg&e wants you to know it's dedicated 300 people to the problem. they're spending 24 hours a day 7 days a week scanning the documents, indexing them. they've gotta have them ready
6:55 am
for regulators by march 15th. our other top story is at sfo this morning, abc 7's terry mcsweeney is there. terry, a lot of delays? >> a lot of delays and cancellations. the word is this: if you're going to be coming out here today, before you do -- before you do call ahead of time because that ice cold blizzard that is messing things up back east has the entire nation's air traffic in a bitter cold head lock and it's not letting go. take a look at the pictures from out here at san francisco international airport this morning. you can see the flights cancelled to all kinds of places. chicago's o'hare seems to be the epicenter of the mess. remember the song truckin', they're all seeing cancel the flights. hoping to get to philadelphia, maybe new york before the storm really moves in and takes over there. good luck to them. and that mess that is crews out of position and has planes stuck
6:56 am
in places they shouldn't be. so flights -- for example, some flights to hawaii could be impacted, delayed or cancelled. the word out here is call ahead of time. and if you want to know the very latest go to flight tracker on down the bottom of the page. for another top story of the morning let's go to jenelle wang. >> the heart of cairo has turned violent and bloody and we now hear deadly. al-jazeera is reporting there are fatalities in the crashes between pro-and anti-government demonstrators. a live picture here. both sides separated by a tank there. this has all unfolded in the last couple hours at the square, yesterday's large demonstration where protestors demanded egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down. he said he will but not until september when his term ends. military is moving in but having a hard time getting a handle on all these thousands of people clashing. molotov cocktails being thrown.
6:57 am
100 people badly beaten. including journals. these protestors are police in disguise of that moved in. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00 during our midday show. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> like tiananmen square. kind of gives me chills. >> we'll keep track of that. final check on weather and traffic. >> heading out the door, 40s and 50s. 64 concord as well as gilroy and a look ahead, a cold night tonight and warmer over the weekend. frances? >> bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the 880 overcrossing. elsewhere we're just seeing typical delays. so not really bad start for your wednesday morning commute. >> frances, thank you. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> the chaos around the world. and in the midwest and the east where they're getting hammered, lisa. thanks for joining us, everyone. >> we'll send this picture from the midwest.
6:58 am
see you later. (p(p(p(p(p(p(p(p
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